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  • Version: 1.0
  • Updated: July 26, 2019

🗺 Get to know the most incredible places around the globe! Take a journey to exotic beaches, roam around the busiest streets bathed in neon lights, get familiar with ancient architectural wonders of the world! "Word Travel �Crossword Puzzle Games" is a new "word search" puzzle game that will help you expand your active vocabulary and train your brain so that it can face the most challenging tasks! Additionally, you will learn some fun facts about the most visited destinations in the world and get tons of new ideas on what to visit for your next holiday! This "crossword app" is designed for all of you who like to play with words and enjoy doing "brain exercises" as much as you enjoy globetrotting. Form "words from letters" and step into the next level, each a bit more demanding than the previous one but all the more interesting! These "word games" will help you increase your power of concentration and master a big part of English vocabulary with no effort!

Word Travel �Crossword Puzzle Games features:

🏔 Insert the right letters to form words!
🏖 Improve your wordsearch skills!
🏜 Collect coins and unlock new levels!
🏞 Shuffle the position of letters!
🏟 Several help options!
🏝 No time limits!
🏛 Play in an offline mode!

🗺 This "word finder" will inspire you to work on your linguistic skills even when you are on vacation! The most exciting "mind games" are all ready to take you to the roads less traveled or, if you prefer it, the most frequented thoroughfares and avenues! Your "word puzzle games" will be your tour guide whenever you start thinking about getting away from the everyday routine. Just download this word unscrambler for free and push your linguistic skills to the limit! If you are a big fan of "brain puzzle games" like word connect and word link, this memory enhancer will simply swipe you off your feet! Word Travel �Crossword Puzzle Games offer you a chance to escape reality for a while and relax, but at the same time keep your brain alert and in good shape! Compose words using letters and exercise your memory to make it stay in top-notch condition!

✈ brain teasers
⛵ word anagram
✈ dictionary words
⛵ word find puzzles
✈ word hunt
⛵ stimulate your mind
✈ word connect
⛵ brain workout
✈ word brain game
⛵ addicting games

🗺 Whether you like to visit places off the beaten track or you prefer destinations packed with tourists, this "word cross game" will certainly satisfy your wanderlust! If you find it difficult to overcome a particular level, you can always resort to some of our several help options and skip the obstacle easily! These brain games for adults and kids alike will show you the most amazing corners of the Earth that have attracted the attention of multitudes for centuries! Explore the United States and discover the secret behind the most visited sights! Get acquainted with the famous Asian cities and learn about their customs and ways of life! Unwind and bathe in the sun rays on the most splendid beaches! In addition to all this, with Word Travel �Crossword Puzzle Games you will get tons of fun for the brain and become an authority on English vocabulary in no time!

Download Word Travel – Crossword Puzzle Games 1.0 APK

Word Travel – Crossword Puzzle Games 1.0
Price: Free
Current Version: 1.0
Installs: 5+
Requirements: Android 4.1+
Content Rating: PEGI 3
Package name: com.WG.WordTravelCrosswordPuzzleGames.Word.Search