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  • Version: 7.6.2z
  • Updated: August 28, 2019

Test your general knowledge of '90s movies, music, games, fashion, and toys with this incredible '90s quiz.

How well do you remember the 90s? Since then we have changed a lot we not carry phones, laptops, smart watches and Instagramming every meal we eat (or dont) but how much do you remember. Did your alien baby have a kid? did you have a spice girls poster in your room? well now is the chance to reflect on the greatest decade ever.

Simple and addictive, you will find yourself picking up this trivia quiz several times a day. Get free coins by sharing us with your friend get double rewards which can be used to help you pass some of the levels that you may forget. Why not share with all of your fiends so you can challenge them and see how much your trivia skills are better than theirs.

The rules are simple: Just guess what the image is showing. It could be a movie, TV show, celebrity, clothing, a favorite toy when you were younger, or a video game that you once loved. So it could be about anything about your favorite decade the 90s.

For each level that you solve, you will be rewarded with free coins which you will be able to double as some points throughout the game. You will be able to earn coins multiple ways and their is also the option to purchase more coins if needed. use these coins to then remove letters and solve the word to guess what is in the picture.

The 90s were a simpler time. Music was better, movies were more amazing, and wearing the latest fashionable clothing was essential. Even the iPod hadn't been invented yet.

This game will bring back all your memories of the beloved '90s, from movies you loved, to clothes you and your friends wore.

Compete with your friends and family to see who remembers the 90s the best. You will also be quizzed on 90s celebs, logos, brands, cartoons, and collectibles from this incredible decade.

If you grew up in the 1990s this game is for you. If you were at your peak purchasing power in the 90s, this game is for you. If you loved the 90s but were more of a 60s or 70s or 80s type of person, this game is still for you. Most of you probably have a personal connection to almost all of the 500 levels of this quiz game.

Good luck and enjoy this 90s quiz blast of nostalgia!

Download Ultimate 90s Quiz 7.6.2z APK

Ultimate 90s Quiz 7.6.2z
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