Tamagotchi 4u app

Tamagotchi 4u app

  • Version: 1.0.2
  • Updated: December 07, 2016

-To-the touch dead! The new Tamagotchi "tamagotchi 4u"! Download the item, "tamagotchi 4u" can enjoy more, dedicated application "Tamagotchi 4u application" ♪ ■ "Tamagotchi 4u application" a new item to be added in to get! Data got in the app, you can download the item at any time in the "4u" Touch the smartphone and 4u! ■ "Tamagotchi 4u application" only collaboration items and preceding, limited edition items also from time to time delivery!
The apps take full advantage, will spread further the play of "tamagotchi 4u". ※ "Tamagotchi 4u app" is the application that works in conjunction with "tamagotchi 4u".
Therefore, since data can not be utilized and games take advantage of in this application only, please note. [Price] there is a sale of the pay item at
apps body Free
※ in some apps. (C) bandai, wiz (c) bnei [corresponding os]
android 4.1 or more [Verified terminal]
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aquos phone zeta sh-02e
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galaxy note 3 sc-01f
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※ operation verification settled terminal is added sequentially update schedule.
[Disclaimer] # #### (1) Recommended models and, concerning operation in other than the recommended os version, it will be outside the scope of support. By
(2) the customer's usage, it may be operating even if the unstable the recommended model.
(3) for the recommended os version, even if it is described as "androidxxx or more", and may not be necessarily correspond to the latest version. [Latest and recommended models for other inquiries]
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Tamagotchi 4u
4u #### # 4u app
Tamagotchi 4u app
this application, we have to deliver to give a formal permission of the right holder.
From April 1, 2015, the company name was changed from "NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc." to "NAMCO BANDAI entertainment".

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Tamagotchi 4u app 1.0.2
Price: Free
Current Version: 1.0.2
Installs: 50,000 - 100,000
Requirements: Android 4.1+
Content Rating: Everyone 10+
Package name: com.bandainamcogames.Tamagotchi4U

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