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  • Version: 1.0.3
  • Updated: August 28, 2017

the game sexy bottle is the classic game that has been played since adolescence, which consists of a group of friends of different sexes, gather around a bottle, which spinning, the purpose of which who finished pointing the bottle you will have to choose between telling the truth to a question that will make or perform an action, which may give a hug, a kiss ... in this case our game sexy bottle.

is an application that will act as a roller bottle, with the addition that in it a series of buttons, which are real or action, the idea would appear to place the phone in the middle players, the number may vary, being from the initial number of 2, up to eight players.

this game is possible to select one of the two variants, the variant light and the heavy variant, the second kind is more daring than the first.

there is a button in the game, which is the information, which leads to a screen where indicated that the game is only suitable for over 18 years, this button is present on all screens

game rules of the game.
find a group of friends who want to play, the more the merrier, the maximum number is 8 people, although they may participate more, but in this case it could be by turns, the minimum number is two, it could also be played in pare ja, couples or groups.

is advisable to ensure that people who are going to participate in the game before you start playing know what kind of game is in fact is a game reserved for people who like each other, they should not force someone to do something you do not feel like doing, it can make you feel very uncomfortable to the people involved.

once decided who will participate in the game, players / as and willing, they can be arranged around a table or the floor itself, adopting a circle, where the mobile is placed in the middle, in the center of them all.

method to determine who will start to give the button to turn the bottle can be random, or by another system such as who takes the longest stick.
# #### once decided this:
will choose one of two game modes
the number of players will be decided through the corresponding button is pressed bottle
, which will start to spin the bottle

stops at a certain point, pointing to a person, mobile screen will appear two buttons: the truth and action, the person pointing the bottle must decide which button was tightening, saying truth or action.

(if the bottle points to the person who has made this turn, must be repeated the move it is easy because there is a reset button that puts the bottle on its starting point.)

from there will proceed to perform the action or tell the truth. ####
# once the action or the truth, the person who has done must touch the bottle in the mobile application to put the bottle on the move again and so continue playing.

may be the case that the bottle pointed to a space that is not clear, a space between two people can be re-spin the bottle, another method would be to choose the closest to the tip of the bottle person.
in the event that the bottle points to someone who does not produce a positive feeling, or someone of one sex than the liking of the person, you can make the recommendation for truth or action with the person nearest appropriate sex to peak bottle.

another option would be if the person does not agree with the outcome dictated by, the person could leave the circle and leave the game.

all these standards or guidelines could be discussed before starting the game to avoid misunderstandings.
### age: 18 years from
two levels of play: light and heavy
number of players from 2 to 8

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Download sexy bottle 1.0.3 APK

sexy bottle 1.0.3
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Current Version: 1.0.3
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Requirements: Android 2.3+
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