RIP Math Teacher is Dead Killed Dies Funeral Mod

RIP Math Teacher is Dead Killed Dies Funeral Mod

  • Version: 3.7.1
  • Updated: July 06, 2020

Why they killed baldi our beloved math teacher? Why baldi has to die? As you know baldi accidentally attach himself to YCTP which make baldi will be killed when the 2nd question is wrong and you must already know that 2nd math problem from you can think pad is impossible to be answer correctly. Don't get a question wrong or baldi dies instantly. So rip baldi hopefully you go to heaven and rest in peace also become an angel in heaven, you will be missed by all of your students :(

Playtime crying like a baby and all her friends can't hold their sadness of baldi dead. Because of baldi is dead all baldi friends is crying, feel sad and feel sorry for him. They never expect baldi is killed dies dead and gone so soon with this tragic event. Although baldi is dead already, you still need to get all 7 deadly notebooks from each class room which will guide you to the special ending before baldi funeral will be shown up, hint: there are some mysterious creatures behind it who are the real baldi killer monster from baldi trap out of control universe.

Visit baldi funeral class in memoriam of baldi teacher which baldi dies on YCTP. Come and give baldi is dead last respect as a honourable math teacher. You can press f for respect in baldi funeral special ending event after you finish or escaping the sadness school. If you can, please save baldi from his death and don't let baldi killed again to turn into scary mysterious horror zombie baldi monster. In this special ending event, you can know where baldi zombie from trap out of control and old laboratory of failure comes from and why he can be a zombie baldi. If you can resurrect baldi into another alternate universe, you will see next edition of baldi is an angel mod.

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RIP Math Teacher is Dead Killed Dies Funeral Mod 3.7.1
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