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Version: 1.2.8 APK - Updated: July 28, 2020
Do u wanna be the new popular R’n’B star? TAP-TAPOLICIOUS game starring the famous Lol Vein from Bowmasters. Dunk in the atmosphere of awesome dancers, cool money boosters, real hype, and all of your fans partying with you. Make the best party now.– 40+ awesome characters– Super-duper...
Version: 1.3.9 APK - Updated: June 03, 2020
Launch a penguin as far as you can.Fly fast, bounce high, brilliantly escape obstacles in all locations.Upgrade your penguin to become the best on the leaderboard.We Love You. Enjoy.
Version: 1.4.8 APK - Updated: May 26, 2020
Tanks at your fingertips. Choose a weapon – a simple missile to an atomic bomb – and find the right shooting angle and destroy your opponents.Make the right shot quickly or you’ll die.— Loads of deadly weapons: everything for perfect annihilation— Online multiplayer game. Play with...
Version: 0.1.1 APK - Updated: November 12, 2019
Your good old buddy is here but in a cool 3D revamp! Play with Buddy in his new exciting game, and try out new sets of powerful weapons! Experiment, blow up, use atomic weapon, dress Buddy up, and do so much more in the brand-new Kick The Buddy 3D! Enjoy amazing 3D graphics, new levels with Buddy,...
Version: 1.1 APK - Updated: October 31, 2019
Destroy colorful shapes to see the stars they hide.Use powerful combinations of bombs, aim precisely, and shoot to light the stars! Whole galaxies in your hands! Are you ready to be a starlighter? We Love You! Enjoy!
Version: 1.0.0 APK - Updated: October 25, 2019
Brand new racing is here! Collect cars in your garage. Customize them with unique features and weapons using special gifts. Dominate the race track!  Your goal is to be the best racer in the league.     We Love You! Enjoy!
Version: 1.0 APK - Updated: October 22, 2019
Develop spatial thinking with a new 3D puzzle game! Rotate dimensional puzzle pieces, scattered on the field, until separate fragments transform into an accomplished masterpiece.We Love You! Enjoy!
Version: 1.0 APK - Updated: September 13, 2019
You have a cannon loaded with Buddies, and your goal is to get to the target. Solve puzzling challenges, avoid obstacles, and use as many Buddies as you need to complete every level. The game features your favorite ragdoll physics, hilarious challenges, and endless fun! We Love You! Enjoy!
Version: Varies with device APK - Updated: August 01, 2019

Explode, destroy, fire, shoot, smash, freeze, send the power of the Gods and don't even think about stopping! Man, you now have a virtually limitless arsenal to beat: rockets, grenades, automatic rifles … and even a NUCLEAR BOMB!

We present to...
Version: 1.0 APK - Updated: November 06, 2018
- Fly high to help the Penguin find his girlfriend!- Use slo-mo power to complete dangerous levels!- Break into the icy world full of different obstacles! - Open up all locations with unique gameplay. Reach new horizons!We Love You! Enjoy!
Version: 3.0 APK - Updated: September 14, 2018
It’s unbelievable - now 2D polygons will look like a great 3D model!Fix in the polygons into the right number boxes and you will see a funny poly panda, a bright parrot or an unreal unicorn! Poly artworks are ready to pop out of your screen!Enjoy cool Poly Artbook features:– Dozens of poly...
Version: 1.1.1 APK - Updated: August 14, 2018
Throw blades, collect coins, and go up the level ladder. Remember, you have only limited number of cutting weapons to complete every level. Do not hit other swords and obstacles! Do not waste knives in vain!Great knife features:– 30+ cold steel arms – Dozens of levels to become a skilled knife...
Version: 1.2 APK - Updated: July 26, 2018
Enjoy brand-new realistic physics game: make weapons fly using their recoil. Shoot and fly as high as possible! Ultra-realistic physics game, where you can try yourself in shooting. Shoot wisely with AWP and pistols, make fantastic burst with automatic weapons or blow it up with bazooka! — 40+...
Version: 1.0 APK - Updated: June 05, 2018
Kittens are moving around! Choose your favorite Kitten, upgrade its every power and fling it out of the сannon as far as you can! Train your sniper skills!Hit, run, bounce, boost, catch, jump as a ball and collect coins – see how far you can throw your cat. Make your cat fly the way toooo high!...
Version: 1.0.1 APK - Updated: December 15, 2017
Welcome to the world dominated by the art of sword. Even if you are a restaurant chef... Especially if you are a restaurant chef! It's time to grab a katana and slice as fast as you can to make excellent dishes. You won't be alone in the kitchen, but be ready to kick, punch and slap your...
Version: 2.1 APK - Updated: November 02, 2017
One of the best free racing games 2017 is finally available on Android!Happy Racing is all about insane characters driving all kinds of vehicles and trying to reach the finish line by all means. Pick your crazy driver, choose a level, hit the gas and drive ahead!Expect a SUPER GORY crash of cars...