magical marriage lunatics!!

magical marriage lunatics!!

  • Version: 4.00.1008
  • Updated: December 20, 2016

"! ── battle of love that engulfed a different world, here in the opening" Moon Stone give that produced the "princess evangile", pure love Love Icha Adventure "magical marriage lunatics !! - Magical marriage Luna Politics !! -" smartphone It appeared in!
This game is a love adventure game.
Touch the screen, will become friends with the heroine complete the story! ※ By releasing the scenario lock, you will be able to play all the main part of the scenario.
Scenario unlock key will be 1,620 yen (including tax). Genre: pure love Rabuicha adv
original picture: mountain wind storm / Sakurazaka Tsuchiyu
scenario: Wu
voice: full voice
Storage: about 1.3gb use #### # ■■■ story ■■■
is hero Yuta Ushio, ordinary boy like you're anywhere.
Together with a good friend of his childhood friend, whitecaps SeraYu奈, it had sent a fun and even mediocre school life.
Thing of such a day. To
house backyard, suddenly, the house appeared.
Starting with it, and the next from the next, come to "a different world of the princess".
...... I believe the pledge that was signed that day.
"I wonder ...... until death do us part"
"I and the other ...... I do not want to release ...... do not want to leave ......" it together
"all the time Yone' "
" but is ill-mannered person, for many years to come ...... "
" magic of love is ...... not end "
" people my daughter-in-law!?!? "# #### Apparently that kind of thing is a noose. The development of
unexpected situation, childhood friend also was to demurely war.
"" Yu__yu "is the eternal! I'm ...?" ※ content for mobile will be arranged. Please note that you may also be different from the original work. copyright: (c) moonstone

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magical marriage lunatics!! 4.00.1008
Price: Free
Current Version: 4.00.1008
Installs: 10,000 - 50,000
Requirements: Android 2.3+
Content Rating: Teen
Package name: net.moeapp.avg.mml_gp

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