Fire Shooting Strike - Fighting Zone & Prize Games

Fire Shooting Strike - Fighting Zone & Prize Games

  • Version: 1
  • Updated: September 28, 2020

This is a brand new free shooting game. The most anticipated shooting game of 2020 is coming quickly. You will definitely have fun.

This game is launched as the most anticipated shooting game of 2020. We position it as a completely free shooting game. Forget those boring low-level games and experience a new era of shooting. Very realistic 3D quality and very smooth Animation. It makes you feel like you are really participating in a special action. The game is completely free. It will not induce you to do any recharge in the game. The only thing we care about is whether you experience it in the game. pleasure.

Get ready for the most anticipated shooting game of 2020! Do you want to practice shooting skills? Now, download this most anticipated and exciting APP for free! Join us and fight to the end as an elite fighter!

Easy to play
Regardless of whether you have played similar mobile shooting games before, you can join our game with complete peace of mind. The game will never appear similar to other games or too simple, no matter what your identity is You can play this shooting game with complete peace of mind.

You can redeem rewards for reaching your goals and arm yourself to adapt to shooting of various difficulties and scenarios.
In Fire Shooting Strike, we carefully designed when these firearms should be equipped by the players. You can also set up the firearms you want to choose before each battle. Then take these firearms to fight the enemies. Complete your mission.

Oh, of course, firearms can't be black or camouflage colors. We provide a variety of coatings for you to choose from. Whether you like simple style or hip-hop style firearms, we can provide them. In the game, you need to pass some You can collect these firearms and other fragments through activities such as levels and daily rewards. After the firearm fragments are full, you can directly redeem the firearm skin you want.

Completely novel shooting game equipment settings
In addition to firearms, we also provide some different modes for the player's basic equipment. We support the player's equipment to be synthesized. For example, you have two identical helmets, but it is a pity to discard them. At this time, you can synthesize them in Together to form a new helmet, the new helmet will also be more resistant to enemy bullet damage than the previous helmet. But it will not be invincible. After all, in a shooting game, invincibility is boring.

If you have any comments or suggestions for this game, please send us an email to let us know where the problem is. The email is: [email protected]

*This game does not cost any real money.
*Google Inc. does not sponsor, nor in any way affiliated with Fire Shooting Strike and/or the sweepstakes and prizes.

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Fire Shooting Strike - Fighting Zone & Prize Games 1
Price: Free
Current Version: 1
Installs: 500+
Requirements: Android 4.4+
Content Rating: Teen
Package name: com.MobileShooting.ShootingGames.AimBoost.Fight