Crash of Battlebots

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  • Version: 2.0
  • Updated: September 06, 2019

Get ready to play ultimate epic battle games mini toy robot Crash of Battlebots strategy game. One of its own kinds of robot battle strategy game, place your epic war robots strategically to win ultimate battle robot war. Play robot battle simulator with favorite toy robot crash of battlebots strategy game.

Enjoy watching steel robot fighting war games and armored car robo war shows? Create indestructible robot battle car and build robot war team to participate in battlebots strategy game? Create armored car robo war minibot in futuristic garage and upgrade mech robot properties to try-out in robot battle simulator. Become the member of mech robot wars League in epic battle games! Fight with favorite toy robot crash of battlebots for supremacy. Perform iron mech commander fighting for survival in royal robot battle games. Robot fighting war games have always been a treat to play best Mech Warrior games & mech war robot games with clash of mech warriors & mech war games in galaxy battle, get into modern combat of real warrior and wars of real warrior games in robo battle simulator with future robot war transformation real crash of battlebots and totally accurate battle strategy war game. These robots versus robots automobile struggles are something very incredible! Entire super mechs activities and get great rewards in Crash of Battlebots an ultimate RC robot battle simulator. Locate the ideal equipment for minibot toy and make your own devastation machine. Live the experience of ultimate epic battle games with robot fighting war game play in epic armored with real warriors in robotic fight of real robot wars battle games.

Go all the way to the robot war arena and dominate the battlefield by doing breathtaking robot car battle kills in this strategy game. These armored car vs armored car battle game are something which you would loved to play. Rule the robotic world to get maximum benefits in crash of battlebots tournament. Fight with your super mech robot commander on battle arena locations with armored robot steel car – traps, spike strips, kill saws, hell raisers, ramrods, etc. Interact with objects in robot battle simulator. Earn points in robots fighting games and unlock more epic armored car weapons and styles for breathtaking robot car battle game. This epic battle strategy is an ultimate RC toy robot fighting war game where you strategize your radio controlled armored robots around an arena in a war for supremacy in this crash of battlebots strategy game. Using toy steel robot and nerve, drive your armored robot steel car using special weapons and attacks unique to each car and destroy the enemy battlebot in awesome robot wars. Take part in one of the best crash of battlebots show and strategize spectacular robot fighting war game of armored car battle and robot warrior’s radio-guided vehicles.


Enjoy multiple RC robot toys to play with.
Use battle strategy to win this ultimate epic battle games.
Defeat an entire mech warrior army to win robot fighting simulator.
Experience destructive weapons in death racing game.
Rotate your camera to view your robot battle games strategy.

Download this Crash of Battlebots free strategy game and use destructive, powerful weapons, gadgets to defeat the enemy steel robot battle car. Don’t forget to give us your feedback, so we can make more toy robot strategy games for you.

Download Crash of Battlebots 2.0 APK

Crash of Battlebots 2.0
Price: Free
Current Version: 2.0
Installs: 1,000+
Requirements: Android 4.1+
Content Rating: PEGI 7
Package name: com.gamersgenie.ultimate.rc.robot.fighting.arena