Branny Field Trip: Camping 2

Branny Field Trip: Camping 2

  • Version: 1.4.4
  • Updated: August 22, 2019

Earlier version, Branny was at school and taught mathematics, now you have a trip to the Camping.
Now, no Education in School, now Field Trip: Camping with Branny for fun.
You are tired of studying and especially solve math problems from Branny in notebooks. Now, plays Branny Field Trip: Camping 2. But the fire can go out. In order not anger Branny, you need to collect the branches and throw them into the fire.

Field Trip: Camping 2 collect as many branches as possible to get a lot of bonuses. Be careful, Branny is angry, otherwise he will overtake You and punish with a ruler.

Forget the basics of Branny in the field of education and training in school, in Field Trip: Camping 2 game you have to run in the forest through the forest and collect branches, so as not to anger Branny. How long can you live, a day, two or five nights in a scary forest, where there's no one else besides you and Branny.

Field Trip: Camping 2 you need to collect the branches in the camp so that the fire does not go out. For every time the fire goes out, an angry Branny can arrange a horror for you and if he finds you, then there will be no turning back. To survive more than 5 nights, you need to know all the basics of Branny in the camping.

In this field trip: Camping, you go camping with Branny. Your goal is to keep the fire alive for 2 minutes, by throwing small amounts of firewood onto the fire, or you can take a riskier strategy by trying to gather a lot of pieces of firewood and throw them in all at once. Extra fuel gets converted into big points.

Branny Field Trip: Camping 2 features:
- Learn the basics of Branny and go through all his tests.
- You are waiting for amazing adventures in the camping, after which education and education is not needed.
- New version, new graphics 2019
- Scary and horror game 2019
- You will experience a real horror with Branny in five nights
- Live longer than 5 nights.
- Earn as many points as possible.
Now, download Branny Field Trip: Camping 2 and with friend plays and enjoy. Good luck!!!

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Branny Field Trip: Camping 2 1.4.4
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